Documents needed for GST registration for a new Business:

  • PAN card (Permanent Account Number) and valid government recognized ID proof

  • Passport size photo of the proprietor

  • Aadhar of the proprietor

  • Bank statement or a copy of a cancelled cheque

  • Copy of electricity bill/ landline bill, water bill (not more than 2 months old)

  • NOC (No objection certificate) of the Proprietor/owner

  • Rental agreement if premises are rented (not more than 2 months old)

  • Declaration to comply with the provisions

  • Name of the company, nature of products/service



Irrespective of whether you are offering services or product, a business needs to register for GST (Goods and Service Tax) if the sales or turnover cross more than INR 20 lakh annually. The Goods and Service Tax regime is enough for all the compliances. Mastermade provides services from GST registration to filing GST returns. All you will have to do is patiently bear with us in providing the necessary documents for the process and then take your seat and wait for your job get done in a rapid speed.


Besides the GST registration process mentioned above, maintaining and persevering your legal right is very crucial in today’s world of cut-throat competition. Any intangible creation of your business (logo, trademark, brand name, brand tag line, etc.) is at risk for infringement, using, making, selling or importing without your permission. Therefore, to avoid such happenings, getting trademark registration would assist you in securing your brand name so that no one could use it or copy it without your authorization. Mastermade provides services of Intellectual property (IP) registrations, such as Trademark, Logo, etc. Get your business eccentrics registered and avoid any kind of copy breaches.



According to the tax laws laid down in India, it is mandatory to file income tax returns if your income is greater than the basic exemption limit. Delay in filing returns will attract late filing fees and also hamper your chances of getting a loan or a visa for travel purposes. At Mastermade, every income tax return filed is checked for accuracy and completeness. Everything that you enter goes through multiple checks designed by our income tax experts. Any return that does not pass our checks is manually reviewed by our tax filing team.