Frequently Asked Questions

On what basis does MASTERMADE customize services for their clients?

- We provide all the services that a new or an already existing business might need, to get into the digital marketplace. The purpose of our services though, is flexible according to the need of the client and the nature of the product. 

How much does MASTERMADE charge for the services opted?

- Depending on the quantity, nature of products, platform chosen for selling and the service tenure you opt for,  each service charges differ from client to client. Nevertheless, we also have some package deals that come in favor for you.

Who controls the pricing of products listed online?  

- As seller service providers, we only take temporary access of your online account, and that being if you opt for services which involve listing or account management. While doing so, no decisions are made without discussing with the client. Hence, the client/business owner will only be the one to fix pricings for the products listed. 

How can you trust MASTERMADE with your credentials?

- As a company with trusted clients, MASTERMADE strives to provide the best possible services with fast results. We only take temporary access (depending on the service period) and in no way take any kind of complete hold over the clients' online account. Even the slightest change made will be notified to the client through mail or text. Hence in full confidence we say, your privacy is well secured in the hands of MASTERMADE INNOVATIONS.