Online onboarding

Building an online store might seem quite complicated and confusing, but now Mastermade will give you the lead, with our onboarding services to create an online page or website on different portals like, Amazon, Flipkart, etc., of your choice. All you need to do is provide us with just some of your business details and we make online onboarding hassle free for you.



For your products to be notable, your catalogue must have conspicuous content in it. Mastermade designs systematically distinctive listings/catalogues with descriptive details of your products that drives customers to stay more on your webpage, increasing the chances of greater sales. We ensure fast and accurate listing of your products using advanced technology and tools, as our diligent team possess the right skill sets to match all your requirements related to content creation.



A product gains attention and admiration depending on the quality of the image and the number of angles it is presented in, hence, for a successful business, presentation of your product is vital. We at Mastermade capture the essence of your product and portray its most dominant angles with our photography services. From clicking awe-standing photos of your product to editing them into listing friendly images, we provide you the final results in no time.    



Just like your physical store which needs regular cleaning and scanning, your online store also needs regular analysis to check for any possible blunders that might gravely affect your account health. Account health check mainly helps you keep listing/infringement related issues at bay. Mastermade provides weekly updates of your account health and take spontaneous actions by reaching out to seller support and get your issues resolved.

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An online business needs more than just noticeable content or advertising, since a great rage of new business enter the market every day. Approaching new techniques to improve sales will keep your business thriving. For example, offering discounts attract more customers towards your store, and will also keep your products on top of the page. Mastermade works to approach such different techniques and tricks that help boost your sales.

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